Monday, June 22, 2015

Overloaded Truck Accident Injury Attorney

Large trucks always pose a danger to other vehicles on the road, but overload one, or load it improperly, and the risk increases tremendously. An overloaded big rig, or 18 wheeler, places undue strain on its equipment such as brakes, frame, suspension and tires. An overweight truck requires a longer stopping distance, especially while traveling downhill, and will jackknife easily on wet road surfaces. Overloaded trailers can roll over or actually buckle and split open, dumping the contents onto a busy highway. The driver of an overloaded truck may not be aware of the overweight load he is pulling and not apply the brakes soon enough. The attempt to stop the overweight vehicle in time may cause loss of control and rollover.  

The Danger of Exceeding Truck Weight Limitations
The amount of weight a truck is allowed to carry is determined by the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) which is calculated by the limitations of the brakes, powertrain, frame and suspension.  A large percentage of semi-trucks on the road are a combination of a tractor and a trailer which have never been previously hooked together, so the GVWR cannot be accurately determined. The driver is often an owner/operator who simply signs papers, hooks up and goes. There are weigh stations along most major truck routes to check the vehicles gross weight. These stations are often closed. If they are opened and a truck is determined to be overweight, the driver is issued a ticket and sent on his way; still overloaded. The trailer may even be dropped at a transfer yard and taken by a local driver within the state. The new driver may have a truck that is even less equipped for pulling the load. Overweight big rigs are traveling with the potential for a serious accident due to loss of control from the following:

- Increased braking distance, especially traveling downhill.
- Increased downhill speed. This is often a technique used to gain uphill speed on an approaching incline.
- Slow uphill speed. The overloaded truck may suddenly stall and even slide back.
- Loss of steering control, especially on wet road surfaces.
- Center of gravity elevation, leading to rollover.

When an overloaded truck loses control and crashes with other vehicles, the results are often catastrophic. Serious injuries and fatalities are common. Determining fault in these types of truck accidents can be difficult. The trucking company, the one who accepted the consigned load, will not admit to the truck being overloaded. They will point the finger at the consignee who loaded the trailer or the independent owner operator who accepted the overweight load. The trucking company will have a corporate law firm defending them who has vast experience in trucking accidents and will fight vehemently for their client. The truck driver will also challenge any case holding him responsible as his livelihood may be at stake. For the average person who suffered injuries caused by an overloaded truck accident, the barriers will appear insurmountable and low settlement offers will look tempting.

The Legal Help You Need to FightIf you are one of those unfortunate victims of an overloaded trucking accident, you need to hire a trucking accident attorney that has what it takes to fight to get you the compensation that you deserve. The experienced trucking accident lawyer will have the investigative resources to find out who was responsible and who had knowledge. Even if it means going through stacks of police reports, weigh station summonses and bills of lading. The untiring diligence of the attorney and staff will find the evidence.

Dolman Law Group has tenaciously represented victims of trucking accidents caused by negligence. They have successfully stood up to corporate law firms representing the largest trucking companies, winning significant settlements for their clients. If you were a victim of a trucking accident and suffered injuries call Dolman Law Group and speak with a truck accident attorney today. It will cost you nothing until the battle is won in your favor.

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